Perfect Time Firming Mask 50 ml





DAILY FIRMING CREAM is active for the rejuvenation and firming of the skin, enriched with a unique peptides complex that helps reduce dramatically the aspect of fine lines and further prevent the appearance of new wrinkles. Soybean and Wild Yam extracts strengthen the skin’s texture and essential amino acids fill lines, improve elasticity and grant a lifting effect.
Acetyl hexapeptide 8, which is also known as Argireline, is a peptide compound that is used in skin care to reduce the appearance of wrinkles especially around the eyes and mouth brought on by repeated facial expressions such as smiling, frowning, or furrowing the brow.
Acetyl hexapeptide 8 can temporarily get rid of wrinkles by intercepting messages from the brain, thereby preventing muscle contractions, commonly referred to as “Botox in a jar”. Science did show a 10% concentration of Argireline to reduce wrinkles by 30% over a 30-day period.

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